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Emma + Charming

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Word count: 541 (this is just a random drabble I just had to write).

She didn’t even notice when she got hurt. She noticed it much later, when the trail of blood was so long it reached her foot. At first she didn’t even think to stop and clean it up, but then she thought of her mother and the…

A really cute drabble for any admirers of daddy Charming and his princess Emma.

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Emma, are you almost ready? We’re going to be l-” David froze. Before him stood his beautiful daughter, twirling in front of her mirror—a very un-Emma thing to do. For a brief moment he allowed himself to imagine the little girl she had once been, the little girl he had expected to raise in a palace. She deserves all that and more, he thought.

Emma cleared her throat, “Dad? Is everything okay?”

David blinked his eyes, refocusing on the grown woman that stood before him. “Yeah, it’s just…you look…beautiful,” he stuttered. “Are you ready? Your mother will kill us if we’re late, even if it is your birthday.”

Emma smiled in reply and linked arms with her father; it was all he could do not to jump for joy as she led him down the stairs.

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the last gif though.

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The Charmings at American Music Awards 2012

Excuse me while I go cry

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I really hope that at some point Emma says something sassy and her mom “middle names her.” She will kind of jump and then stare at Snow like “Whoa—when the fuck did I get a middle name?”


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