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Israeli soldier dies after being stabbed 

An Israeli soldier died today at the age of nineteen. He was stubbed and murdered by a sixteen year old Palestinian boy who entered the country without legal permission.

The soldier joined the army two weeks ago, nineteens year old, and graduated with the class of 2013.

He got on a bus from home to his base, and just like any tired boy he fell asleep. The sixteen year old boy who stubbed him used the moment to attack. He stubbed him in a lot of different body parts and sadly the soldier died because of his wounds.

I am a soldier. I’m nineteen. I fall asleep the moment I get up on a bus that takes me on a long drive from home to my base.

Should I stop feeling safe in my own city, on my bus? Should I be scared to sleep, do get on a bus, to go to my base, to live an everyday life?

I wish I could say that I wake up every day feeling safe. But I can’t. Because waking up and hearing this in the news is affecting me. And it’s not the first time.

Please share. Because every body needs to know and remember.


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Why is it so easy for people to make me feel down, that even people who love me succeed in doing it very once in a while? 

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